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Blue Sky Buddies is a nonprofit organization that is donating certified service dogs to our veterans that have been diagnosed with PTSD.

Do I Qualify?

*Served in the United States Military

*Have been diagnosed with PTSD

*A medical professional agrees to a service dog placement

*Actively engaged in therapy for one year pertaining to PTSD

*I understand that a service dog requires constant care, training and work

*I truly enjoy the company of a dog and I feel a dog will help me manage my PTSD

*I would prefer to get a younger pup (4-6 months) that has been started on his/her training so that I can be a part of the training and get a jump start on bonding with my pup 


Blue Sky Buddies was founded after the death of Jeanette's brother, Kenneth Byrne. SGT Byrne served in the US Army as a prestigious Golden Knight Parachutist (Black Team). He logged over 3,000 jumps which in turn disintegrated several discs in his back. SGT Kenneth Byrne left the army after 6 years as a disabled veteran. Kenny passed away at the young age of 39 on September 11th, 2015. 

Jeanette and her team are now training service dogs for our disabled veterans in honor of her brother. 

Read more about Kenny HERE.