Kenneth Byrne was born to Mary Kay and Carl on December 9th, 1975 as the first born of the family. He weighed only 2 pounds and was not expected to live. Kenny beat the odds and ended up being a big brother to three sisters: Jeanette, Melissa and Karla.  Kenny and Jeanette were only a year a part of were close their entire lives. Kenny was the rare gem of a brother - always watching out for his sisters. He and Jeanette did not argue like so many siblings do. They protected each other, took care of one another and were always there for each other. Kenny would give his sisters anything they wanted. He never complained, was completely selfless and took on the role of "big brother" to a level that so many siblings just don't have.  

Kenny  excelled in basketball, football and playing the drums in High School. He joined the Army as a Junior in High School and attended boot camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, later attending Airborne Infantry school in Fort Benning Georgia. Kenny quickly excelled and become a clear favorite to become an elite Golden Knight. Kenny is one of the few that made it through the grueling testing process the first time. 

Kenny competed with the Golden Knights Competition Team and Black Demonstration Team for over 4 years. He travelled the United States jumping into one in a life time events like the super bowl, concernts, Nascar Races, etc... He was one the the best parachutists of his time. 

He logged over 3,000 jumps which led to the disintegration of several discs in his back which left him with a choice he was never happy with - extensive back surgery. The back surgery caused severe pain in his legs which then led to severe circulation problems which brought Kenny the life of living in and out of a hospital trying to save his legs. Over time, the damage to his body was irreversible and Kenny died peacefully in his sleep on September 11th, 2015 at the age of 39. Kenny served in the United States Army for 6 years and we will never forget the sacrifices his made. 

Everyone that met Kenny, loved him. He would give you the shirt off his back, keep you laughing by his silly jokes and infectious laugh and be able to recite meaningless lines from thousands of movies. Kenny has left a incomprehensible void in the lives of the family that he left behind. He is survived by his parents, his three siblings, his Grandma, his nephews and nieces that he adored more than life itself and his beloved girlfriend. Blue Skies Brother!